Cycle of the Night

October 28, 2009

The Moon fades away into the clouds that shimmer silver light,
approaching twilight with the dimples of my troubled mind.
As dawn becomes the soldier for Mighty Soleil and will bide,
the ripples of my misery will come undone, but never reunite.

The Dawn breaks and unfolds into the path that does remind,
the heavens have lifted and gone until night.
Till dusk approaches I will be in this strife,
and without a penance I shall no longer abide.

The Dusk shading a miserable existence to loom in darkness and pine,  
the hell that calls to me, until time I shall bide with my mind.
Till light dawns, and breaks into action that is considered irate,
my misery and woes will replenish, though no more an advocate.


By gucken