March 25, 2010

I see the sun, brimming from the edges of the pit I’m in.

The fall was long, the well was deep.

But to my luck, it was shallow, and the water only reached up to my elbows.

I am cold, cold in the dark waters of this sunken ground.

But I can feel the walls around me.

The stones have grooves that hold me up, and I won’t fall deep within.

I am slipping, into the darkness, and I can’t hold on any longer.

I am too tired and weary

I am bleeding against the walls of my strength, and slipping away.

I am gone, away into the light.

I have found my peace, and now everything is alright.

I am free, to fly the skies, in search of another journey, and kiss the past goodbye.

By omagnas


The Desert

February 27, 2010

The scanty river,
soothing my senses,
as I trudge along
the banks of insanity
embracing the losses
that life has thrown
harshly and cruelly
into the cracks of the Earth.

My mind,
a frenzy of wilderness
set on fire
ablaze in the heat
of the bitter drought
in thisĀ  lonesome season
bringing despair
in its wake along the dead greens.

The lonely river,
maddens me through,
as the last of the dirty water
is pure yet impure all the same,
leaving behind all the life thirsty animals,
fighting for the last drop
in search of a tomorrow
that is unsure and grim like the wind.

By Ahff

Clothed in white

November 24, 2009

Clothed in white
she sleeps serenely
an innocent smile
upon her pink lips
mocking the beautiful dreams
her gracefully shut eyes
will never see,
her life has ended
her dreams are gone
her life remembered
and memory pleasantly
reminisced by all
amongst the stars
she will peek and
smile upon us all
shower us with star dust
and wish us joy and love
until she moves on
bidding us all adieu
her love will flow through us
her heart will live on in ours
holding our hands
she will be here
forever, and more.

By Kevissimo