Embraced by.

September 8, 2009

Withered and lonely, this heart lies placid
Embraced by a wreath of thorny roses.

Lone and timid, the soul lies lucid, 
Embraced by the cold of the moonlit skies.

Timidly and apprehensive, the body lies afraid,
Embraced by the depth of her numbed mind.

Apprehensively and withered, the mind lies putrid,
Embraced by the lies that fester from within.

By LauraPora

By LauraPora



September 5, 2009

Serpentine, creep in between rocks that gleam
Amongst the powers that bind me together without a seam
Onto the Lord that holds my soul to keep
In my weary state of much deprived sleep
Towards your brutal heart of cold I leap
The wonders that this life won’t feed with our bread
Whilst you spin daylight out of silky and worthy thread
And you grovel to make your conniving ends meet
Remember what Satan took from you long ago to keep
Departed with your soul and heart, separated in every way
May the torment break your composure surely this day

By llltourbillonlll

By llltourbillonlll

This love of mine

September 2, 2009

I wish I could hide away
This love of mine,
In a safe or treasure chest down below
So as eras and centuries go by
One would find the love I cherished only for you.

I wish I could let it flow
This love of mine,
Like the waterfalls of high and low
So as the water falls into the next millennia
One would know the love that flowed only for you.

I wish I could let it shine
This love of mine,
Like the sun that brightens up the days and skies
So as the rays shine on even in the moonlight
One would feel the love that radiated only for you.


by XxshadowxphobiaxX

by XxshadowxphobiaxX

Angelic Purity

March 19, 2009

Dwelling in a multitude of sorrow
She sets across the globe
To the marrow of her comforts
Seeking the truths
In a setting of falsehood,
She yearns for her sweetest reproach,
Her bringer of anguish
To conquer her control, her restraint
With affinity on the horizon
She sets forth toward the light
As she traverses on,
Unbeknown to the evils that lurk,
She makes way to freedom of lawless desires,
Treading lightly,
Making her way in diligence
Through a foliage of make-believe,
Her heart stands vibrant,
Cascading into nothingness
Her emotion resolved,
Feigning to be forgotten
Yet, her memory is forever,
Dangling on the edges of insanity
Her balance is unparalleled
Counting the ways the teachings of life
Her soul is angelic, it is pure.

Dance Tonight

March 14, 2009

I want to dance,
Dance the night away,
With you by my side,
Every part, ever step
Every moment, of our way
Let’s make its worth,
Let’s fly away
To the music of the night,
Let’s do this
Together, you and I
A step at a time,
One two three,
Let’s dance tonight


March 7, 2009

Spreading through the village,
She knew not where to run.
Screaming in the nearby distance,
Attempting an escape that surely wouldn’t come.
Was all around her,
Burning the lives of whom she loved.
To the high heavens for mercy,
She found none but death atoll.
Onto the murkiness of blood and tears,
Her childhood, her life had come undone.

Fickle Love

March 5, 2009

Battered into dismay
By the words you spake
I cannot muster words
To describe the ache,
The pain my heart brings
Is it broken?
Into piece worth not a mention
Is it inconsolable?
Like it’s rained and brought draught
Is it dead?
Meeting the ground,
So cold and welcoming
This emotion is limitless
Yet I know not how I feel,
But betrayal is lurking
On my twisted mind
When I remember a time
You stated you cared,
But as children belief is instant
You state that you love me,
I don’t proclaim it so,
For time changes all,
Into darkness,
Your love maybe be veiled
You never show it, I never see it
But you spake on with poise
All the words my ears receive
Are words of discourage and denial
When will life begin?
Will it be worth the wait?
Will the time that is unforeseen
Bring me solace in my wake?
How will I bear to live this torment?
This everlasting feeling of doom
My mind is beckoning for understanding
My heart calls for death
Amongst the clouds
As your words pieces my heart,
And shatters my dreams flat
I will watch by as moments pass in shock
As you tread hastily upon my very soul.
Today marks a day you told me
My dreams are worthless move on,
I loathe your existent right now,
With every bone and muscle in my body
I will not forget your fickle love
The one where you never say sorry
Today marks the day I love you no more
Tomorrow will be another day to wonder
Will I ever be yours once more?

Longing for Salvation

February 18, 2009

I long to be near you
To savour the scent
Your trail of purity in life

I long to feel the tresses
Run through my finger tips
Your delicateness I treasure

I long to touch the skin
Of smoothness & muscle
Your strength enamours me further

I long to taste you
To flavour your sweetness
Enticing me into a dizzy beyond control

I long for you, you alone,
Your spirit beckons me in the distance
Bringing me to salvation ever nearer

Through & Through

February 17, 2009

Fighting through
The mud and dirt
On a lonesome road to nowhere
I can’t breathe,
I’m suffocating here

Breaking through
The shards of glass
It cuts me to pieces
To watch you fall
But I refuse to give in,
To sink away
While you harness
The cold in your heart
Breaking away in anger
Yet sinking ever deeper
Into the abyss of nothingness
Shooting away
The feeling of resentment
I continue on
To let go, of you,
Of your love, our love
I swallow my pride
Swearing away
To love you another day
Awaiting the heartbreak
I continue on
To love you unconditionally
In every way

Sands of Time

February 16, 2009

Furrowed and dismayed
Looking through the window of time
She glances back on the woes of her heart in sorrow
Morbid and confused
She longs to find peace in her walk
Build sandcastles on the beach each May and the morrow

Cynic and wasted
Her souls lies strewn on the beach
Washed away by waves of a life now narrowed

Demoness Rage

February 11, 2009

n a world,
Full of culprits & thieves
One looks towards
Death in silence & solace

A grim appears,
within ones reach
Sneers & snarls
The taunts of the wicked lies

The pure evil of vile life
Eery in every corner
Awaits the demoness
To storm the rage of the night

Amongst the Butterflies

February 9, 2009

Lie with me a while
Down by the bed of roses,
Settle down beside me
And remind me of the stars

Wonder me with those eyes,
The palest blue and greenery
Hold me close to the skies
Watch the stars gaze down lightly

Follow my call in silence
I beseech you to be mine
Standing by your side Everes
My heart is lovingly thine


February 2, 2009

Stab my heart Incubus
I call upon your pain and taunt
The burn I merit the pain it brings,
Mimics the bloody picture you paint
Flirt awhile Incubus,
My heart longs for yours at night
Entice my heartstrings

Keep me close, don’t lose sight

Shelter me in your darkness Incubus,
I will call it home by your side
Caress my hair, in your own evilness
Your demon soldier, I will abide

All I know

January 28, 2009

All I know is I can feel you near me, today and tomorrow like yesterday never left me behind
All I know is I can hear you whisper, I love you now, today like the sunny day in the park last year
All I know is I can feel you near me, like the time we made the clouds seem nearer to the ground
All I know is you’re still with me, you will never be gone, for you are in me and we are forever one

The Days & Nights

January 27, 2009

The days go by and I remember the nights
The nights of torment, wanting everything that was yours but yet mine
Thawing away the feelings, of an emotion I want not lost
Thawing away the conscience of a sense in present not past

The nights shine through the moonlight glow
The moon flirts with a breaking heart and I want to know
Will this lasting memory live for us as we go on?
Will this undying need be all that we know as time passes on?

The adoration we loved, the life that we lived
Waves from the distance and bids adieu yet we wont let it be
Harnessing my emotions, I long not to let you go
Harnessing this feeling, I know not how to go on without thou

The days, nights shatter away the love we lived
Mimicking the plights of emotions that we cherished through the gist
Will the night ever get colder, until it freezes over and I am blistered?
Will the days ever get warmer until we burn away in cinders?

Tell me this now, today or be lost forever, my love.
Darker days and lighter nights ask me will you make me feel the love once lost?
Will the days be entwined in night, with love entwined with life?
Will we ever become lone and one,and shine towards the skies?

Past & Present Prolong Pain

January 18, 2009

What do you get when you arrive home and its not home,
When life passes by bringing only rain and storm
What do you do when the love is going and gone,
When it just reminds you of the bitterness of home
What will you say when nothing I say is ever right,
When nothing matters any longer and the days are a fight
What will we be when moments in time are only a memory,
When noone will be held in remembrance, not you or I
What will we be when you are dust and soil,
When will we be free of the misery you have toiled.


November 11, 2008

Why do you always think
I’m nothing but a victim
A victim of circumstances
Hurting, longing for everything
Of the love I cherish dear
You think me stupid
You think me foolish
Foolish enough to bite the feeling
To the tears longing to break through
Flowing down these cheeks of mine

I’ll be waiting for you to come
And then I’ll say……

Why…. do …. you….
You scorn me….
Scorn my love its fleeing
You loathe me…
Loathe my spirit its freeing
Scorn me, Loathe me
As I feel this pain as I lay dying…
I ask you why…

Why do you leave me
Feeling like I am nothing at all
All the times when I stood there
Standing, biting down the tear
Waiting for you to take me home
Home to a family,
Home yet not mine,
Mine to be the memory of a feeling
The joy in me all along who knew
That’s been left behind in time

I’ll be waiting for you to come
And then I’ll say……

Why…. do …. you….
You scorn me….
Scorn my love its fleeing
You loathe me…
Loathe my spirit its freeing
Scorn me, Loathe me
As I feel this pain as I lay dying…
I ask you why…

Will you visit me as I lay down here,
The one who loves you today
Will you bring me flowers
The ones you threw away
Waiting here will I be…
Waiting till tonight breaks free
Tonight as I let my wings unwind
Break against the the wind I fly
A new hope a new dawn of life
And will you take my hand glide higher
As we reach the sun you set me free…

I’ll be waiting for you to come to me
And then I’ll say……

Why…. do …. you….
You scorn me….
Scorn my love its fleeing
You loathe me…
Loathe my spirit its freeing
Scorn me, Loathe me
As I feel this pain as I lay dying…
And I ask you why…

Falling onto the depths I wait for you
And then I’ll say……

Why…. would…. you….
You save me….
Save my love its flying
You love me…
Love my spirit its freeing
Save me, Love me
As with this feeling I lay down
And I say goodbye
I say goodbye

Demon Slave

May 12, 2008

Feign power in every step
Lie awake through every fret
Look high and low
For beauty not soul
Die along the dust and coal
Feel the vultures feed on flesh
Flesh once part of thy chest
Thy heart longer now ticks
For to demons does it posess

Globe Trekker

May 12, 2008

Catapult into the unknown,
The desires & fancies of your own
Never known to see the depth
Of ones heart above the rest
Live thy beat upon thy chest
Rest not while they do nest
Carry upon the burden heavy
Feel thy brows concern with worry
Shy thy tears away
Cry not says thy say
Be the best always and more
Search thy purpose across the globe

Hidden by a flower,
Resting on her cheek.
Her lips slowly trembles,
As she takes a sharp breath in.
Unknowingly does she sigh away her sadness,
Forever to lurk in the darkness,
Not be spoken ever again.

Kiss away the sadness,
Wish away the darkness,
Fears of wolves in the night
The dark has caused a fright

Hidden by her gentle lashes,
Does her eyes awake.
Letting fall a single tear,
To shake your world my dear,
Trickling down her nose and lips,
Falling onto your hands,
To catch and fold away.

Wish away the thoughts so dark,
Miss them not in every lark,
Wish on stars in every corner
Let your free mind wonder

The Lost Jive

April 27, 2008

Dazed by confusion
Astounded by the words
My heart feels the aches of the unspoken
Tormented by the thought
Of the workings of a soul,
An angel, the light in an eclipse
Forgive the past and the mistakes
The lost princess has lost her way
She knows not how to pretend
Hold her and lead her away
Bring the dance floor to her folly
Dance with her with all your might
Lead the way oh might dragon
She’ll follow your jive all night

Memoirs of a Flower

April 26, 2008

Looking at the memories of yesteryear
Feel the presence of those who are dear
Knowing not what has become of the times
When butterflies beamingly fluttered by
Flowers danced across the fields
Bidding the dandelions to roar louder
Dear Sunflowers to smile harder
Flirting with the bees that buzz by
Dance with the breeze and leaves
Flutter away little butterfly
Dance your little song,
Buzz away little bee
Nectar awaits your call

The Town Gazebo

April 12, 2008

Nothing and everything
Feel the likes of them awaken
Does the night seem longer?
Does the day seem brighter?
When nothing is everything
And happiness and sadness are one…
Feel the dilly dallying of the children
Stirring up the laughter of the yonder
Enthralling the joy and mirth
Causing the murky haze to hang its head in shame
Little darlings follow the rainbow
Not the darkness across the plains. . .
Comes sweet little angels
Dance around the town gazebo
Make your merriment mine
A tinge of Hop scotch and charades
Let the days sing “Sweetheart, be mine”

Memory Lane

April 12, 2008

Startled by the sweet nothings,
A soul far across the meadow stirs.
Carried by the winds of the morning,
The depths of memory lane does it merge.
Walking across the yonder,
Feel the presence stir.
Leaves fall at my feet,
Crunching across my wake…
Mellow and silent,
The wind wills to be.
Leaves leave behind,
Memoirs of you and me…
As night draws nearer,
The owls call and warn me.
Bid thy time another way,
Awake another day.
Feelings stir and yet do not muster,
Across the yonder I shall flee.
Mellow and tainted,
Memory lane shall be.


December 15, 2007

Broken into shards of glass
The mirrors glisten in thousands
Bleeding on the floor
Weeping from the pain
The notion of looming darkness
Light failing through the tears
Crawling towards the door
Feel the pain in my knees
Can u help me through this
Do you think I will get through
Will I die before I get there
Will the evil succumb?
Will I be carried away…
Will I see your smiling face
When the heavens take me
Will u see me in every corner
Will u remember to smile
Will you remember the memories
Will be remember the dreams
Will you give your heart and souls
To being the best you are
Or will you fade into the darkness
Like the death that’s seeping over…
Fight it don’t lose the battle
Fight your way through the winds
Don’t let go so easily
Fight fight fight
Fight for what is yours
Don’t let the demons possess your soul
Feel the angel within you fly
Don’t forget to be mine…


December 15, 2007

The Last chapter of a book,
The notion of the closing,
The notion of the foreboding…

The sunset to a day,
The long walks on the beach,
The first glimpse of the night…

The dead end of a road,
The panic of no where to go,
The lasting feeling of darkness….

The last piece of pie at dinner,
The satisfaction of the hunger,
The smile that brings wonders….

The ray of light from an eclipse,
The darkness enfolding us within,
The power to change the skies…

The last goodbye,
The minutes i pass,
The way my last breathe lasts…

Seeping insanity

December 15, 2007

Cant you leave me alone
Don’t tel me what I am..
I know perfectly what I’m looking at
Broken mirrors curses and all that!

Don’t waste your breathe
Just move on, I’m walking
I feel no need to tel you
That this is really me talking

So why don’t u just leave me alone
And let me grow they way I want
Cos I don’t understand why you are so damn pissed off
Do u know the meaning of the word love
Cos right about now I feel no worth to it at all..
When are you gonna see that I will never be …
The person you made me out to be

I’m not what you want me to be
I’ll never be what you think of me!!!
Cos I ain’t gonna be squeaky clean
never gonna be the bright ass kid
Never gonna pray day after day!
My sins deal at the devils gate
Do you wanna see the havoc running through the streets
I guess you really wanna piece of me!

Did you think that I’d be what u wanted me to be
Did you think I’d be your soldier
Dyou really think you could break me
Hell no I wont be there to see ya!

No need for name calling
your kid is just growing
ever heard of listening
to there voices of thought
did u ever stop to wonder what i know

don’t look back now, you might fall over
cos know your guilt will draw your fever
wen the sunset comes and theres not tomorrow in my eyes
you will know the reason for my existence and my time
i will never, shall never and can never be yours but mine
can u just get on with your freaking life

SIx Feet Under

December 5, 2007

The walls around me
Scratching all around
The dust and the rubble
Suffocating my air

Hear the voices of passersby
Do they not know I’m dying?
Do they not recognize the daughter?
Lying six feet under

Rescue me from the soil
That feeds upon my flesh and bones
Take me back into your arms
Never let go of my hand

Realization hits with each second
For I am no longer alive
Never to walk the earth again
Till my next life is found

You’ve never loved before…

September 22, 2007

You’ve never loved before,
If you don’t know the feeling of longing.
To long for the person who makes you feel alive…

You’ve never loved before,
If you don’t know the pain of fear,
To imply the slightest chance..
Of loosing the one you love…

You’ve never loved before,
If you can’t understand.
What cannot be understood.
For love is the understanding..
Behind it’s mysterious veil.

When love is Just…
When love is Might…
When love is the fusion of feelings Unite!

Copyright – Pavithri Attanayake