You are…

August 22, 2010

You are the drifter’s wood, I long to keep, in silence.
You are the almond I want to savour, in lush delight.
You are the lily that opens itself onto the world, in beauteous affection.
You are the piece of me I longed to find and found, finally for eternity.
You are the blissfully happy smile I look into, every day and dream.
You are the music sheet to the song in my heart, in rhythm and beat.
You are the chocolate that I indulge on, secretly craving.
You are the man I love and you are mine forever, to keep.

This is the second poem I’ve dedicated to you. I hope you like it, Thar. ❤

Heart by GreenEyezz


March 25, 2010

I see the sun, brimming from the edges of the pit I’m in.

The fall was long, the well was deep.

But to my luck, it was shallow, and the water only reached up to my elbows.

I am cold, cold in the dark waters of this sunken ground.

But I can feel the walls around me.

The stones have grooves that hold me up, and I won’t fall deep within.

I am slipping, into the darkness, and I can’t hold on any longer.

I am too tired and weary

I am bleeding against the walls of my strength, and slipping away.

I am gone, away into the light.

I have found my peace, and now everything is alright.

I am free, to fly the skies, in search of another journey, and kiss the past goodbye.

By omagnas

The Desert

February 27, 2010

The scanty river,
soothing my senses,
as I trudge along
the banks of insanity
embracing the losses
that life has thrown
harshly and cruelly
into the cracks of the Earth.

My mind,
a frenzy of wilderness
set on fire
ablaze in the heat
of the bitter drought
in this  lonesome season
bringing despair
in its wake along the dead greens.

The lonely river,
maddens me through,
as the last of the dirty water
is pure yet impure all the same,
leaving behind all the life thirsty animals,
fighting for the last drop
in search of a tomorrow
that is unsure and grim like the wind.

By Ahff


December 20, 2009

Here’s a gun.
You just have to shoot.
My heart is numb,
I’m already dead.
This sullen life,
ain’t worth the breath I take,
Look around you,
does this make sense?
Here’s a knife.
I’m marked the places
For your aim,
and pierce me in darkness.
Here’s a vial,
filled with poison,
A few drops in my wine,
and I’ll leave you behind,
like you wanted.

By DalaiHarma

2 a.m.

December 18, 2009

The moon overhead,
watching me as I take
each breath.
The stars hiding
behind dark clouds,
disappointed at the haze.
With my every wake,
as I exhale,
the smoke I take.
The houses all asleep,
but for mine.
Several alit,
home to insomniacs
we are all alike.
Bats fly
past me overhead
as dogs bark in the distance
I care not
for it all.
The one thing
that matters to me
right now, resides
in each breath I take.
The fact I’m still alive
though fact remains
I’m wanted gone.
By Pahness

Clothed in white

November 24, 2009

Clothed in white
she sleeps serenely
an innocent smile
upon her pink lips
mocking the beautiful dreams
her gracefully shut eyes
will never see,
her life has ended
her dreams are gone
her life remembered
and memory pleasantly
reminisced by all
amongst the stars
she will peek and
smile upon us all
shower us with star dust
and wish us joy and love
until she moves on
bidding us all adieu
her love will flow through us
her heart will live on in ours
holding our hands
she will be here
forever, and more.

By Kevissimo

Summer Love

November 11, 2009

I loathe you,
for the simple fact
that you remind me
of all the memories
we shared lovingly,
that summer not long ago.
The one we shared together,
the one that brings me joy
amongst the tears that flow
to this very day,
which I wipe away,
sorrowfully knowing that,
that summer will never
dawn again, even for a moment
though I pray
and call out for it
every night, each night
with all my might,
to the Lord I call,
Please, oh please,
bring it all back,
that smile that shone
on my face
and our fingers intertwined,
bodies one,
united on the grass,
long-fully looking
at your brown eyes,
that sparkled in the sun,
bright, young, filled with love.
You were the sun,
to my Earth.
Sunflowers bloomed
all day for us to see
and at night,
the stars told tales
of us high above.
But, the moon one day,
crossed our paths
and did eclipse you
and darkness resounded
all round me
when the shadows lifted,
changed you were, and
we were now done,
you were taken
and I was alone.

By Skeet

Cycle of the Night

October 28, 2009

The Moon fades away into the clouds that shimmer silver light,
approaching twilight with the dimples of my troubled mind.
As dawn becomes the soldier for Mighty Soleil and will bide,
the ripples of my misery will come undone, but never reunite.

The Dawn breaks and unfolds into the path that does remind,
the heavens have lifted and gone until night.
Till dusk approaches I will be in this strife,
and without a penance I shall no longer abide.

The Dusk shading a miserable existence to loom in darkness and pine,  
the hell that calls to me, until time I shall bide with my mind.
Till light dawns, and breaks into action that is considered irate,
my misery and woes will replenish, though no more an advocate.


By gucken




October 9, 2009

Is it wrong to be such in love? With a man who cares not for my being?
Is it wrong to want something that I could not possibly receive nor feign?
Why must I lead myself into this trench where I know I will see no light?
Why is it that I go on to try with might, but possibly not win this fight?

Is it wrong to be this taken? With a man who cares not for this feeling?
Is it wrong to want the mere pleasure of his company, without more to creep in?
Why must I lead myself to expect the wantings of a romantic heart?
WHy is it that I make forlon attempts, to trudge onwards knowing the fall is hard?

Is it wrong to be this hollow? Without the man I long for with all my soul?
Is it wrong to die a slow death, as my heart dies with every beat without moral?
Why must I live another day without the key that you possess?
Why is that I no longer desire the will to live and nor do I digress?


By Azzriel666

By Azzriel666

The Cloud and I.

September 16, 2009

For Dili, the bestest bro. I wrote this whilst chatting with him after I hit a really hyper bump.  I feel four again. =D 

Hello Mr.Cloud
Are you fluffy today?
How does it feel to hang up so high,
with your head so up in it all?
Does it feel good to be better than us?
Closer to the sun?
Well, I really think you should get off your high horse,
yes that one, the one you’ve mounted,
and come say hello to us all.
Yes, we have been expecting rain.
Is that why you send us heat waves?
Oh I see, well, we don’t like the heat too much,
So let it pour for us, please, with a cherry on top.
If I call you rude names, and you know I will, 
Mr. Cloud would you get angry and rain?
Will you clash with Your High Horse
and stomp and make noises,
and say you shall face
the wrath of Mr. Cloud and his High Horse?
And we shall quiver in fear, fakely
Then it will rain, it will pour
and we shall dance with glee
and then you shall be high no more,
for you’ll be gone
and I’ll be sad for you are no more
but I know you will be back Mr. Cloud
so until next time, goodbye so long.


By catorb

By catorb


September 15, 2009

Peace of mind
is something lost,
when I believe you and your mind
because your mind is fragile,
and it is weak,
those deep dark secrets
it does not keep
and as sanctity returns
my future has already submerged
like the iceberg that lay in wait,
for the metal ship as its prey
and saw light no more that foggy day.
Likewise do I doth conceive,
this pain I bore
in my heart last week,
is worse today
as I watch you sleep,
in peace and harmony,
close to your sanity
with mine in disarray,
in somber numbness
and I, now meek.


By lonelywolf2

By lonelywolf2


September 14, 2009

Let me rot away on this barren land,
Like the bronze wilderness around you.

Let me rot away on this dessert dune,
Like the log that lays in the sun, surrounding you.

Let me rot away like the carcass,
Like the one devoured by hyenas, like you did my soul today.

Let me rot away in the darkness of the night,
Like the hidden beauty of the skies against the sunset.

Let me rot away in eerie melancholy,
Like that moonlight dance we flowed to that day.

Let me rot away tonight as promised,
Like that day when I pleaded you for mercy.

Let me rot away as early as tomorrow light,
Like the rays that descend from the Lord almighty.

By VexingArt

By VexingArt

Embraced by.

September 8, 2009

Withered and lonely, this heart lies placid
Embraced by a wreath of thorny roses.

Lone and timid, the soul lies lucid, 
Embraced by the cold of the moonlit skies.

Timidly and apprehensive, the body lies afraid,
Embraced by the depth of her numbed mind.

Apprehensively and withered, the mind lies putrid,
Embraced by the lies that fester from within.

By LauraPora

By LauraPora


September 5, 2009

Serpentine, creep in between rocks that gleam
Amongst the powers that bind me together without a seam
Onto the Lord that holds my soul to keep
In my weary state of much deprived sleep
Towards your brutal heart of cold I leap
The wonders that this life won’t feed with our bread
Whilst you spin daylight out of silky and worthy thread
And you grovel to make your conniving ends meet
Remember what Satan took from you long ago to keep
Departed with your soul and heart, separated in every way
May the torment break your composure surely this day

By llltourbillonlll

By llltourbillonlll

This love of mine

September 2, 2009

I wish I could hide away
This love of mine,
In a safe or treasure chest down below
So as eras and centuries go by
One would find the love I cherished only for you.

I wish I could let it flow
This love of mine,
Like the waterfalls of high and low
So as the water falls into the next millennia
One would know the love that flowed only for you.

I wish I could let it shine
This love of mine,
Like the sun that brightens up the days and skies
So as the rays shine on even in the moonlight
One would feel the love that radiated only for you.


by XxshadowxphobiaxX

by XxshadowxphobiaxX

Fallen Saint

August 26, 2009

St. Fallen, this is for you.

I pledge eternal allegiance to thy will.
Yield to the evils brought forth with no misclaim,
Trenched and furrowed for the Dark Lord’s whim.

In this plight I surrender eternity to him,
Onto Hades, the backyard of sinners keep,
It resounds the words of Lucifer as I weep.

I, the fallen saint, a puritan of the land,
Dragged onto the depths of a never ending past,
Tonight I make Hades, an eternal home at last.

Phoenix Reborn

April 19, 2009

Calling through the willows,
Beckoning me forward into the marshes
Of soul remains and bitter broken dreams.

The mellow that resounds from within me,
A siren song beckons the desires burrowed deep
Awakening a calling that has no name but carnal.

Awakened from memory, resurrected almost
From the ashes, of a death too soon
In a flight onto the heavens, I am a phoenix reborn.

Hurt beyond a reason of a doubt
Broken tears alone stands strong
Heavy with feeling of nought
Unleash the pain that’s too profound
Memorise the words spoken last November
Forget the reasons you made my lip quiver
Dying I lay that night waiting for the warmth
Your name I called in defeated yearn,
Through the hurricane that brew in sorrow
Mourning here I stand today,
Broken without reasons and in doubt
That reside next to the equations that revolve
Around the days and night,
Awaken but not aware
In the midst of souls departed,
I live, as the unseen smirk and beckon
To relinquish existence as I know
To bid adieu to man’s follies and quirks
To pave a path of forgiveness and love
And, after the doves have sung,
Come to us they whispers,
Carried through the winds of night
Calling me, enticing me,
Their songs seduce me further,
Ashen faces and silhouettes of glow
Guide me to worlds unknown
To mark a day, the day that passes,
My sunset has finally come and dawned.


March 12, 2009

You took away
Everything I was
And tore it down
Like a house of cards
You built me up
And made me fall
I splinched in half
And it took a toll
I heard you say
I made myself this way
I said I am
What you made me today
You bore me
To this world in agony
I am your blood
I am your flesh
You said you would
Tear me apart
Bit by bit
Like you
Put me together
With love and tenderness
So you break me,
Because you can
But you forget to mend
Because you lacked
The want, the need
To see me whole
You despise my spirit
You loathe my soul
Make me better
You pray to the lord
But I am not sick
Not at all
You broke me today,
Like you did before
You broke me today
In an instant
Like the moment
I asked you
Stop, don’t go
Today you stomp
Onto my heart
LIke the day you left
Me all alone.


March 2, 2009

Beyond repair
My heart is shot.
Beyond comprehension
Of reality and delusion
My mind is torn apart
Into many a piece
That lay strewn
Upon the frosty ground
It whimpers slightly
To the breeze that calls.
And here I lie awake
Through days and nights
Crumbling amidst
Shards of glass I lie,
With memoirs
Of the love we made
On the hills of
But today we lie
Not together
Only worlds apart
Forever torn
In between souls
That not intertwine
In mirth but gloom
Angst gushes
Through my eyes
Whilst I cry for your heart
I weep for our love
Day in and day out
Sleepless nights
Attest my love fated
When your affinity
Was nothing more
Than a shamble
I waited on you
With my heart
On life support
Marked with decadence,
We wane into nothing
Nothing but a memory
Of the green hills
Of yesteryear


February 23, 2009

Cherish me,
My memory
As you
Lash out
In every way
Possibly imaginable,
I’ll cherish
You, when you
Hit upon
The nerve
I quiver
To control,
The very nerve
Thats spurns
The joys
On beholding
Your beauty
The nerve
That pains me
Beyond pain
Through waterfalls
Of emotions
Catapulting me
Into reservations
Of my own hell
In the heart
That cherishes
You and only you
Though you
Pain me
With scorn
And malice
In every wake
I will still
Hold you
More dearer
To my heart
Than ever
But you,
do not see
Me & my love
For you
And you
Pain me
Ardently so
Yet, I cherish you
Only to have
You shun me
To the darkest corner,
Why am I
Not the one?
The one to
Love and cherish!
I know not
But do reminisce
The one
Who cherishes
You the most
As you,
Make way
On your path
Of life alone


February 22, 2009

The cleaver
Cuts me open

The redness
On the floor

Platues me
Down to gloom

Lifeless and low
Gone, forevermore

Trapped, Fleeting and Falling

February 21, 2009

I’m trapped
In an emotion
Pulling me down
Into an abyss
Of dark and cold
I’m fleeting
away into this feeling
Drowning me in thick oil
Enclosing my wings
I long to break free
I’m failling
Further into a black well
I thrash against the surface
Into walls of coldness
As I yearn for your warmth

Awating Cliffs

February 13, 2009

Standing on the edge of a cliff,
With apprehension a mountain high
Looking beyond the warmest sunset
That shadows the etchings in my heart
Waves crash down along jagged rocks below
Beckoning the soul to dance in between
The grooves of never and yet evermore
Plague my soul to take form and leap

Falling into clouds of awating arms while

Counting the minutes turn into seconds turn into hours
Gaze back at life, as impact awaits
Wonder whether it was all worth the wait

Forgive Me

December 9, 2008

Forgive me, my love is overwhelmed with pain
It’s done, its gone it wont’s see me again
Forgive me I cannot undo this hurt and hide
Its too deep, but it wont sink and abide
Forgive me, this heart’s broken and gone
It cannot mend the mishaps done
Forgive me, for my soul is dead and placid
It wont come alive, no rebirth for what’s dead
Forgive me, I cannot see the light
The darkness is darker than any night
Forgive me, for not wanting me the way you want
Its something I must do, believe in it
Forgive me for not prolonging this misery
Its cruel I know, but I cannot live this lie
Forgive me for I know I’ve wronged your flight
All I know is that we must move forward tonight

Nightly Insurgence

November 19, 2008

Fighting the urge to fly into the night
Tears are dying in these eyes of mine
Crying without a reason to fight
These days are not evern worth my time

Leave me to fight the tears that will to break free

Looking for a reason to hold on
When everythin around me crumbles
Seeking remorse for curses undone
When nothing in life really matters

Hold onto the cursed walls that crumbles around me

Hanging by a thread of silk
The lines are about to break
Willing me to blot my ink
Blood red with painful ache

Break this thread of life, let me die

Hurting with thorns at my side
The mirth is twisted and unkind
Dying inside I lay by , I abide
Forsake me against this unwind

Pain me with anger you cant deny

The Celestial Dream of Amor

November 7, 2008

The Charismatic Feeling
Of a new born child
Weeping for deliverance
Weeping for love

Celestial Being awake
The resounding sense
Fleeing onto the skies
Fleeing onto the love

Dream a dream so pure
Of nothing but a moment
Stealing memories gone
Stealing memories of love

With this thought I rest
Awake and nothing more
A Celestial Dream of love and sun
Where lovers doth not reconcile amor

Rising Demons

November 6, 2008

The brittle bone of manly ways
Peaks through the cleft of time,
Cadaver, but not yet free
Free, of the claws that bind me
To the cackle of a mirth
Resounding off the walls
The quirks of a madman nearby
Cadenced to the bloody ears
That flows forth through thine
Cosmic as a ray of lligjt
Nothing can change
The fate to come
Written has it been
On the crescent of the Sun

A Sinner’s Deliverance

November 6, 2008

A break in normality and chaos
A prefix to the undeniable
Another questionable facade
Another means to an end

A break in formality and sense
A prefix to the unspeakable
Another incorrigible desire
Another change in the sun

A while against a sinner
A prefix to the unimaginable
Another unforeseeable deed
Another redemption lays nigh

Stolen Heart

November 4, 2008

You stole my heart with every gaze
You dazzled me with vibrance on a summery day
You made me smile when none could make me but cry
You made sure I always felt this alive
You couldn’t speak words of comfort in your quay
You did so with a nuzzles and a little whine per say
You not only made me smile when good was bad
You were the one who made everything sound like May
You made the summer and winter sound so gay
You were the shining light in every night
You were the one who I loved dearly beyond dismay
You were the one who stole my heart now stay
You have stolen my heart
You have stolen my heart please do stay
You have stolen my heart please don’t go away

Quick Sand

October 26, 2008

The murky ache of mud that is creeping up my leg,
With strength it pulls me down in to wish less depth,
If I succumb it would connote my silent death,
Suicide of monstrous society, life and abandoned health,
Inept in all but not the will to let,
Let love and love be mine in a second of every day
So many hearts I do doth carry into the vine of emotion
A vine that has entrapped by heart in blind fury
The very heart that loves all but none so dearly
None who ever gives justice to her love and spares her fray
A love that loves another in love so strongly
A friend, a lover a parent of self but none who know me
As the mud pulls me deeper and I cannot muster the will
As I give in to the loathing of the strength that longs my affection
I remember the memories of a yesteryear gone by
Of a day so much sweeter and yet so bitter
As the mud takes my last willing breathe
Feel my fingers long for the same touch as I felt that day


October 24, 2008

Forsake me onto the depths
Of a lover who has no mercy
Feel the pain in my eyes swell
Spurn the agony you long to take away
You say you hold me in your heart
A borrowed heart nothing more
Unleash me from this dire misery

Forsake me onto the night
Let these wounds and scar never see
The day of light or another gaze
Churn the vile words you brought forth
You said you would never hurt me
Amongst the lashes from your fist
Uncaress the heart from my will to live

Forsake me through this fight
A losing battle of wrong not right
Let me die as the last blow forwards
Feign your tears back into its mother
You said you would love me forever
But today you proved your loathe
Untie me from your heart and let me go

Take Away

October 17, 2008

Take away my life, my breathe, my everything
Take away the happiness reaped throughout the years
Torment the soul of one once so pure
Tear her flesh apart while you satiate your thirst
Take away the feeling, the hurt, and the pain inside
Take away the one thing I once held dear inside
Torture my innermost desires and make it yours
Rape the innocence, feel it bring you mirth
Take away the bright light at the end of tunnel
Take away the escape one must follow
Divulge your hatred to bosom
Realise she is no more but only hollow.


October 14, 2008

The darkness in the tear that eyes let fall
The depth of the blood that bleeds
The poison within the skin
The madness that’s come to be
The reason why there are guns
The forever sadness inside hearts
You’re the snake God made
The scorner of the good
The misfit caused to spurn
The death bring you no solace
Forever will you burn inside


October 5, 2008

Callous slashes on thy arm
Lines of veins beating softly
The sadness is thy eyes
The momentary lapse of thought
I see and feel the earthquake begin
The earth trembles with foreboding
The light of dawn is the darkest
As another day brings madness
The blade lies beside thy fingers
Waiting to be reused
Thy skin bears the tears waiting to flow
The blows of depression fading
Taunting its memory and thy sanity
Longing to be bit again….

Longing for you

August 29, 2008

long to feel his fingers intertwined in mine,
when at a time nothing else matter but his hands in mine.
I want to go back to the time
when my life wasn’t so complicated,
when nothing really mattered,
and when the horizon was bright and endearing.
I feel as if I am been molested and beaten,
maybe I have, I know I have.
I don’t yearn for much,
yet it seems as if the mere thought
is a burden to the Gods
and nothing really makes sense at the end of the day.
I pray, but guilt arise where I have doubts
for a simple request of sanity and peace of mind.
Will I ever be happy, will I ever be understood.
Other than my baby,
who will always be mine,
will others ever reason with their minds and ever consider mine?

Doves of Blood

August 19, 2008

Flitter away the depths of anger
Suffice the power within the restless
Follow the darkened path of bloody poison
Careless mistakes forever the burden of death
Fry the heart into withering shingles
Forfeit pride to the nigh end
Shackles will not keep the guilt
Fly across eyes of contempt
Burn the loss of life into flaming carcasses
Dry the bloody tears of regret


August 12, 2008

cursed bud,
cursed bloom,
cursed flower

a flower, cursed beyond repair
lurks from the distance
awakened by bright light
tingled by the warmth

cursed flower
cursed touch
cursed life

dance along the leaves that flirt
tease the ground
let go of thy roots
rest upon another


August 10, 2008

Just KILL me!
I know you want to
Just pierce my heart
with your sharp nails
and take my blood, make a soup
find a way to pay your debts
make the life
you lived forgive
for the lives you took
away with your greed
selfish hands you grab
everything you wish
yours for the taking
my life another pawn
hear my cry
as you pierce my skin
as you tear apart my flesh
as you hear my bones break
plunge your fist into my chest
grab my pulsating heart
tear it apart bit by bit
bite into the beating
drink your thirst dry
feel yourself satisfy the hunger
Are you satisfied?

Life as it is

May 23, 2008

gentle as a morning breeze
you live life like no one else does
the way you want the way is right
you understand me in the blink of an eye
the way you have always done
undeniably lovable forever in the sun
the meddles of a devil
see through such stronghold
see beyond the masks of face
hold my hand like always done
kiss away the pain befallen on earth
drench the fires that burn me harsh
nurse the wounds that hurt too deep
cure this sickness that sickens me so
forgive the mistakes of lost souls
walk awhile hand in hand with no sorrow
free the doves and set on a journey tomorrow

The Milky Way

May 23, 2008

Star Light Star Bright
Twinkle from you far away sight
Wink me dreams to keep me alive
Feed me music with all your might
I know what distance means
Teach me what you know so deep
Distance me from dark holes in life
Free me from the borrows of doom
Lend me a hand to see tomorrow soon

Fate Oh Fate

May 12, 2008

Fate Oh Fate
How do thy defy me?
In every corner, why do thy spite me?
Every luck turns to bad upon my gaze,
What has the good Lord planned?


December 5, 2007

Feel the rumble taking over
Feel the hunger that it’s caused
Feed upon the fruits off winter
For there are none but one

Feel the moment of satisfaction
Beyond the depths of trench

Hear the voices up and around
Hear the sarcasm and mirth
Feed upon the sorrow of another
Carry you over the sands

Feel the pain in which I reside
For I know not how I know

Be the person that you are
Be the one you were meant to be
Feed upon thy knowledge sweet one
For you my greatest joy


December 5, 2007

A burning sensation
Shoots deep into my soul
The pain of the lighting
Streaks my mind
The weight of a giant
Falls upon my head
I feel the cracks
Open up again
A dying moment
With the thought of you
Will be the memory
I posses when I go
For the pain within my mind
Is merely what resides
When of thoughts too much
So gently do I rub
My temples in circles
“Go away” I say
For I don’t long to be with you
Leave be gone
Forever from my mind,
Headaches are the cause
Of this unwind


November 29, 2007

Secrets may be the downfall of all humanity
The destruction of the world
The fallen man the fallen heart
Secrets can hurt the most
When pierced into your heart
Can succumb you to the depth of a trench
Never looking back
NO secret shall torment me
No hurt will be caused
As secrets are the ghost of yesteryear
Today is the time to be yourself
Do not dwell in the past
Find the strength to face the future
Secrets are secrets and secrets will they be
For no one shall no them but you and me
Never fight the light that brings the joy in knowing
You are the one!

The Silver Stream

November 25, 2007

The shallows lines of a silver stream
Sparkling in the sun like diamonds with glee
I long to swim in to the ocean on your back
Carry me to a place where I can forgot your lack
Where you hold my hand and speak my name
Where the birds and flowers dance across the land
Carry me to a place where I know not the word
The word which knows the tears of my soul
Carry me not to the hell that I know
Where you are not near me and I am not near you
Carry me far far away where we can sign songs
Under the setting sun where peace befalls the earth
Where the sound of your voice carries me through the clouds
Where the word ‘apart’ no longer stand
Where you and I are one and thus we shall no longer be
What mighty fate has distanced us to be?
And together we shall roam the earth and see
For you and I will forever be free

Wind and Rain

October 2, 2007

The rain is pouring down my face
The wind is trying to blow me away
Catch my hand, hold it tight,
Feel the weight lift me high…
Now I’m flying with the wind…
Carrying me away from you…
I’m souring through the clouds
Higher than ever been before..
See me falling down through the rain
Through the walls I’ve found
Wash away my sorrow and my pain
Let’s find a new tomorrow
A tomorrow where we can forget
The pain and hurt that resides
In our souls combined
The wind and rain, be my fire
The fire that burns within
Follows the edges of the earth
and fall through my way
Find the core to my existence
know the life I’ve lived
BE the one I could go to
Be the one I can!
The wind and rain be the reason
I long to be alive
When you lift me high and fall down fast
Know that you’re the desire I’ll ever need
To know who I am
I am the wind and rain
Stronger than the mighty earth can stand
I long to be with my true love
The true love I’ve ever loved in life
Your the reason I’ve looked so far
To find you have never left
You’re the one I’ve wanted
Like the wind and rain!

Oh Lily!

September 22, 2007

Oh Lily oh Lily…
Bend thy petals oh so gently…
Your elegance astounds me.
Your beauty silences me.
I touch thee with the fear,
the fear of breaking you,
Of loosing you to the dark.
Gently, softly feel thy skin..
As if clouds have reached the Earth…
Your being is celestial.
Your manner is divine.
While thee turn thy head toward the Sun,
Smile through the purity of your heart
Oh Lily oh Lily
Oh how i cherish thee….


September 22, 2007

Family, they say..
Are the friends which cannot be chosen.
Your blessed or cursed with them…
For the rest of days alive.

No matter how psychotic…
No matter how insane…
No matter that the hate runs through you,
Still your family remains.

Through the good and the bad…
Though the lonely and the sad…
They can be the white light from the sky
Or the lava boiling in the depths.
They steer their ugly heads into matters which do not relate..
Do they understand the word “understand”…
Do they feel the pain you are in..

I feel that nothing is as profound…
Than the being within yourself.
Withing the soul, heart and mind
And everything in between
No matter who you family remains..
Nothing is as swift than the soul that you are!

I wonder….

September 22, 2007

I wonder…
I wonder what life might have been,
If I had taken a different step.
Would i still step the way I do…
First my right, then my left, and then my right again.
Would my life be different if i stepped with the left…

I wonder…
I wonder what I might have been,
If i had taken a different route.
Would i still drive the way I do…
Steering right and then the left and straight on ahead.
Would my life be different If i had driven straight ahead…

I wonder…
I wonder what people would be like,
If i had been a different self.
Would i still love them the way I do…
Would they still be caring, and still be cruel, and not think selfishly.
Would my life be different If I didn’t think that way…

I wonder…
And I wonder…
But have come to concur.
That life as i know it
Is what I always wanted
Be it with the misery, the pain , the heartache…
Be it with the joy, the laughter and the good times.
And what i hold dear within me
Remains the memories of a life..
Which holds no regrets
And thus i wonder no more…
As to what i could have been…
For i am what i am and all i ever wanted to be!


September 22, 2007

Caress my hand,
As if I am a soothing touch…
Let me guide you through,
The warmth of this life.

Caress my heart,
As if I am a new born babe…
Let me open my eyes,
To a brand new day.

Caress my mind,
As if I am a new power…
Let me guide you through,
The curves of it’s intelligence.

Caress my soul,
As if I was never broken…
Let me open your heart,
To desires through the sky.