September 14, 2009

Let me rot away on this barren land,
Like the bronze wilderness around you.

Let me rot away on this dessert dune,
Like the log that lays in the sun, surrounding you.

Let me rot away like the carcass,
Like the one devoured by hyenas, like you did my soul today.

Let me rot away in the darkness of the night,
Like the hidden beauty of the skies against the sunset.

Let me rot away in eerie melancholy,
Like that moonlight dance we flowed to that day.

Let me rot away tonight as promised,
Like that day when I pleaded you for mercy.

Let me rot away as early as tomorrow light,
Like the rays that descend from the Lord almighty.

By VexingArt

By VexingArt



February 22, 2009

The cleaver
Cuts me open

The redness
On the floor

Platues me
Down to gloom

Lifeless and low
Gone, forevermore