December 20, 2009

Here’s a gun.
You just have to shoot.
My heart is numb,
I’m already dead.
This sullen life,
ain’t worth the breath I take,
Look around you,
does this make sense?
Here’s a knife.
I’m marked the places
For your aim,
and pierce me in darkness.
Here’s a vial,
filled with poison,
A few drops in my wine,
and I’ll leave you behind,
like you wanted.

By DalaiHarma

8 Responses to “Murder”

  1. i think this one’s your best ever, i certainly love it immensely. awesomely great one 🙂 * hugss *

  2. sabbyaz Says:

    Loved the ending rhyme 🙂

  3. St. Fallen Says:

    not your best, nice rhyming and all, but that’s about all that came across to me. the last few lines were good though. maybe a little elaboration on why things don’t make sense, just four lines to exemplify, just before the ending lines come.

  4. Black Rose Says:

    @Dili & Sabby Awww thanks

    @Fallen I guess I meant it to be that way, open for interpretation 🙂

  5. Chavie Says:

    I love it! 🙂

  6. chanux Says:

    The images you chose are deviant. Is the source?

  7. Sabby Says:

    Oooh ooooooh, I know!
    It was a murder most foullllll


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