The Cloud and I.

September 16, 2009

For Dili, the bestest bro. I wrote this whilst chatting with him after I hit a really hyper bump.  I feel four again. =D 

Hello Mr.Cloud
Are you fluffy today?
How does it feel to hang up so high,
with your head so up in it all?
Does it feel good to be better than us?
Closer to the sun?
Well, I really think you should get off your high horse,
yes that one, the one you’ve mounted,
and come say hello to us all.
Yes, we have been expecting rain.
Is that why you send us heat waves?
Oh I see, well, we don’t like the heat too much,
So let it pour for us, please, with a cherry on top.
If I call you rude names, and you know I will, 
Mr. Cloud would you get angry and rain?
Will you clash with Your High Horse
and stomp and make noises,
and say you shall face
the wrath of Mr. Cloud and his High Horse?
And we shall quiver in fear, fakely
Then it will rain, it will pour
and we shall dance with glee
and then you shall be high no more,
for you’ll be gone
and I’ll be sad for you are no more
but I know you will be back Mr. Cloud
so until next time, goodbye so long.


By catorb

By catorb


September 15, 2009

Peace of mind
is something lost,
when I believe you and your mind
because your mind is fragile,
and it is weak,
those deep dark secrets
it does not keep
and as sanctity returns
my future has already submerged
like the iceberg that lay in wait,
for the metal ship as its prey
and saw light no more that foggy day.
Likewise do I doth conceive,
this pain I bore
in my heart last week,
is worse today
as I watch you sleep,
in peace and harmony,
close to your sanity
with mine in disarray,
in somber numbness
and I, now meek.


By lonelywolf2

By lonelywolf2


September 14, 2009

Let me rot away on this barren land,
Like the bronze wilderness around you.

Let me rot away on this dessert dune,
Like the log that lays in the sun, surrounding you.

Let me rot away like the carcass,
Like the one devoured by hyenas, like you did my soul today.

Let me rot away in the darkness of the night,
Like the hidden beauty of the skies against the sunset.

Let me rot away in eerie melancholy,
Like that moonlight dance we flowed to that day.

Let me rot away tonight as promised,
Like that day when I pleaded you for mercy.

Let me rot away as early as tomorrow light,
Like the rays that descend from the Lord almighty.

By VexingArt

By VexingArt

Embraced by.

September 8, 2009

Withered and lonely, this heart lies placid
Embraced by a wreath of thorny roses.

Lone and timid, the soul lies lucid, 
Embraced by the cold of the moonlit skies.

Timidly and apprehensive, the body lies afraid,
Embraced by the depth of her numbed mind.

Apprehensively and withered, the mind lies putrid,
Embraced by the lies that fester from within.

By LauraPora

By LauraPora


September 5, 2009

Serpentine, creep in between rocks that gleam
Amongst the powers that bind me together without a seam
Onto the Lord that holds my soul to keep
In my weary state of much deprived sleep
Towards your brutal heart of cold I leap
The wonders that this life won’t feed with our bread
Whilst you spin daylight out of silky and worthy thread
And you grovel to make your conniving ends meet
Remember what Satan took from you long ago to keep
Departed with your soul and heart, separated in every way
May the torment break your composure surely this day

By llltourbillonlll

By llltourbillonlll

This love of mine

September 2, 2009

I wish I could hide away
This love of mine,
In a safe or treasure chest down below
So as eras and centuries go by
One would find the love I cherished only for you.

I wish I could let it flow
This love of mine,
Like the waterfalls of high and low
So as the water falls into the next millennia
One would know the love that flowed only for you.

I wish I could let it shine
This love of mine,
Like the sun that brightens up the days and skies
So as the rays shine on even in the moonlight
One would feel the love that radiated only for you.


by XxshadowxphobiaxX

by XxshadowxphobiaxX