Phoenix Reborn

April 19, 2009

Calling through the willows,
Beckoning me forward into the marshes
Of soul remains and bitter broken dreams.

The mellow that resounds from within me,
A siren song beckons the desires burrowed deep
Awakening a calling that has no name but carnal.

Awakened from memory, resurrected almost
From the ashes, of a death too soon
In a flight onto the heavens, I am a phoenix reborn.


Hurt beyond a reason of a doubt
Broken tears alone stands strong
Heavy with feeling of nought
Unleash the pain that’s too profound
Memorise the words spoken last November
Forget the reasons you made my lip quiver
Dying I lay that night waiting for the warmth
Your name I called in defeated yearn,
Through the hurricane that brew in sorrow
Mourning here I stand today,
Broken without reasons and in doubt
That reside next to the equations that revolve
Around the days and night,
Awaken but not aware
In the midst of souls departed,
I live, as the unseen smirk and beckon
To relinquish existence as I know
To bid adieu to man’s follies and quirks
To pave a path of forgiveness and love
And, after the doves have sung,
Come to us they whispers,
Carried through the winds of night
Calling me, enticing me,
Their songs seduce me further,
Ashen faces and silhouettes of glow
Guide me to worlds unknown
To mark a day, the day that passes,
My sunset has finally come and dawned.