Angelic Purity

March 19, 2009

Dwelling in a multitude of sorrow
She sets across the globe
To the marrow of her comforts
Seeking the truths
In a setting of falsehood,
She yearns for her sweetest reproach,
Her bringer of anguish
To conquer her control, her restraint
With affinity on the horizon
She sets forth toward the light
As she traverses on,
Unbeknown to the evils that lurk,
She makes way to freedom of lawless desires,
Treading lightly,
Making her way in diligence
Through a foliage of make-believe,
Her heart stands vibrant,
Cascading into nothingness
Her emotion resolved,
Feigning to be forgotten
Yet, her memory is forever,
Dangling on the edges of insanity
Her balance is unparalleled
Counting the ways the teachings of life
Her soul is angelic, it is pure.


One Response to “Angelic Purity”

  1. Dark Angel Says:

    oooohh…this kind of taunts me.LOVE IT!! 🙂 hugs!!!

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