March 12, 2009

You took away
Everything I was
And tore it down
Like a house of cards
You built me up
And made me fall
I splinched in half
And it took a toll
I heard you say
I made myself this way
I said I am
What you made me today
You bore me
To this world in agony
I am your blood
I am your flesh
You said you would
Tear me apart
Bit by bit
Like you
Put me together
With love and tenderness
So you break me,
Because you can
But you forget to mend
Because you lacked
The want, the need
To see me whole
You despise my spirit
You loathe my soul
Make me better
You pray to the lord
But I am not sick
Not at all
You broke me today,
Like you did before
You broke me today
In an instant
Like the moment
I asked you
Stop, don’t go
Today you stomp
Onto my heart
LIke the day you left
Me all alone.


2 Responses to “Alone”

  1. AlterEgo Says:

    wow! totally speaks to me 🙂 nice one Celestial

  2. Celestial Says:

    thanks Alter, I was rather emotional when I wrote this


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