Fickle Love

March 5, 2009

Battered into dismay
By the words you spake
I cannot muster words
To describe the ache,
The pain my heart brings
Is it broken?
Into piece worth not a mention
Is it inconsolable?
Like it’s rained and brought draught
Is it dead?
Meeting the ground,
So cold and welcoming
This emotion is limitless
Yet I know not how I feel,
But betrayal is lurking
On my twisted mind
When I remember a time
You stated you cared,
But as children belief is instant
You state that you love me,
I don’t proclaim it so,
For time changes all,
Into darkness,
Your love maybe be veiled
You never show it, I never see it
But you spake on with poise
All the words my ears receive
Are words of discourage and denial
When will life begin?
Will it be worth the wait?
Will the time that is unforeseen
Bring me solace in my wake?
How will I bear to live this torment?
This everlasting feeling of doom
My mind is beckoning for understanding
My heart calls for death
Amongst the clouds
As your words pieces my heart,
And shatters my dreams flat
I will watch by as moments pass in shock
As you tread hastily upon my very soul.
Today marks a day you told me
My dreams are worthless move on,
I loathe your existent right now,
With every bone and muscle in my body
I will not forget your fickle love
The one where you never say sorry
Today marks the day I love you no more
Tomorrow will be another day to wonder
Will I ever be yours once more?


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