March 2, 2009

Beyond repair
My heart is shot.
Beyond comprehension
Of reality and delusion
My mind is torn apart
Into many a piece
That lay strewn
Upon the frosty ground
It whimpers slightly
To the breeze that calls.
And here I lie awake
Through days and nights
Crumbling amidst
Shards of glass I lie,
With memoirs
Of the love we made
On the hills of
But today we lie
Not together
Only worlds apart
Forever torn
In between souls
That not intertwine
In mirth but gloom
Angst gushes
Through my eyes
Whilst I cry for your heart
I weep for our love
Day in and day out
Sleepless nights
Attest my love fated
When your affinity
Was nothing more
Than a shamble
I waited on you
With my heart
On life support
Marked with decadence,
We wane into nothing
Nothing but a memory
Of the green hills
Of yesteryear


2 Responses to “Yesteryear”

  1. Disease Says:

    LOVE!! the Poem Sis =) Well Done !

    XOXO !!

  2. Holy Shakespeare!
    I really love this and your writings akke. You have amazing talent, Specially your poems are like a sea that takes away the pain inside our minds.

    I still have n’t finished reading your poems and wanna read them when I feel lonely and broeken. 🙂

    Keep up your works akke, Never stop! Go through Art with lonely. (හුදෙකලාවෙන් කලාවේ ඔබ්බයට)

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