Angelic Purity

March 19, 2009

Dwelling in a multitude of sorrow
She sets across the globe
To the marrow of her comforts
Seeking the truths
In a setting of falsehood,
She yearns for her sweetest reproach,
Her bringer of anguish
To conquer her control, her restraint
With affinity on the horizon
She sets forth toward the light
As she traverses on,
Unbeknown to the evils that lurk,
She makes way to freedom of lawless desires,
Treading lightly,
Making her way in diligence
Through a foliage of make-believe,
Her heart stands vibrant,
Cascading into nothingness
Her emotion resolved,
Feigning to be forgotten
Yet, her memory is forever,
Dangling on the edges of insanity
Her balance is unparalleled
Counting the ways the teachings of life
Her soul is angelic, it is pure.

Dance Tonight

March 14, 2009

I want to dance,
Dance the night away,
With you by my side,
Every part, ever step
Every moment, of our way
Let’s make its worth,
Let’s fly away
To the music of the night,
Let’s do this
Together, you and I
A step at a time,
One two three,
Let’s dance tonight


March 12, 2009

You took away
Everything I was
And tore it down
Like a house of cards
You built me up
And made me fall
I splinched in half
And it took a toll
I heard you say
I made myself this way
I said I am
What you made me today
You bore me
To this world in agony
I am your blood
I am your flesh
You said you would
Tear me apart
Bit by bit
Like you
Put me together
With love and tenderness
So you break me,
Because you can
But you forget to mend
Because you lacked
The want, the need
To see me whole
You despise my spirit
You loathe my soul
Make me better
You pray to the lord
But I am not sick
Not at all
You broke me today,
Like you did before
You broke me today
In an instant
Like the moment
I asked you
Stop, don’t go
Today you stomp
Onto my heart
LIke the day you left
Me all alone.


March 7, 2009

Spreading through the village,
She knew not where to run.
Screaming in the nearby distance,
Attempting an escape that surely wouldn’t come.
Was all around her,
Burning the lives of whom she loved.
To the high heavens for mercy,
She found none but death atoll.
Onto the murkiness of blood and tears,
Her childhood, her life had come undone.

Fickle Love

March 5, 2009

Battered into dismay
By the words you spake
I cannot muster words
To describe the ache,
The pain my heart brings
Is it broken?
Into piece worth not a mention
Is it inconsolable?
Like it’s rained and brought draught
Is it dead?
Meeting the ground,
So cold and welcoming
This emotion is limitless
Yet I know not how I feel,
But betrayal is lurking
On my twisted mind
When I remember a time
You stated you cared,
But as children belief is instant
You state that you love me,
I don’t proclaim it so,
For time changes all,
Into darkness,
Your love maybe be veiled
You never show it, I never see it
But you spake on with poise
All the words my ears receive
Are words of discourage and denial
When will life begin?
Will it be worth the wait?
Will the time that is unforeseen
Bring me solace in my wake?
How will I bear to live this torment?
This everlasting feeling of doom
My mind is beckoning for understanding
My heart calls for death
Amongst the clouds
As your words pieces my heart,
And shatters my dreams flat
I will watch by as moments pass in shock
As you tread hastily upon my very soul.
Today marks a day you told me
My dreams are worthless move on,
I loathe your existent right now,
With every bone and muscle in my body
I will not forget your fickle love
The one where you never say sorry
Today marks the day I love you no more
Tomorrow will be another day to wonder
Will I ever be yours once more?


March 2, 2009

Beyond repair
My heart is shot.
Beyond comprehension
Of reality and delusion
My mind is torn apart
Into many a piece
That lay strewn
Upon the frosty ground
It whimpers slightly
To the breeze that calls.
And here I lie awake
Through days and nights
Crumbling amidst
Shards of glass I lie,
With memoirs
Of the love we made
On the hills of
But today we lie
Not together
Only worlds apart
Forever torn
In between souls
That not intertwine
In mirth but gloom
Angst gushes
Through my eyes
Whilst I cry for your heart
I weep for our love
Day in and day out
Sleepless nights
Attest my love fated
When your affinity
Was nothing more
Than a shamble
I waited on you
With my heart
On life support
Marked with decadence,
We wane into nothing
Nothing but a memory
Of the green hills
Of yesteryear