February 2, 2009

Stab my heart Incubus
I call upon your pain and taunt
The burn I merit the pain it brings,
Mimics the bloody picture you paint
Flirt awhile Incubus,
My heart longs for yours at night
Entice my heartstrings

Keep me close, don’t lose sight

Shelter me in your darkness Incubus,
I will call it home by your side
Caress my hair, in your own evilness
Your demon soldier, I will abide


7 Responses to “Incubus”

  1. FINroD Says:

    woah.. i just checked out the meaning of incubus.. it means An evil spirit supposed to descend upon and have sexual intercourse with women as they sleep… freaky man.. freaky..

  2. The Celestial Dream Says:

    true. thats one definition.
    I was going along the lines of this definition;

    #. nightmare: a situation resembling a terrifying dream

    or even this one

    #. someone who depresses or worries others

    Been having nightmares almost every night. Been documenting them, so part of the process I suppose.

    But yes, your definition freaks the hell out of me too.

    However, according to local lore, they say that Incubus is extremely good-looking and what not. In Sinhala, Incubus is “Kalu Kumaraya”, I’m sure you’ve heard the tale.


  3. blackexists Says:

    yeah – i just thought he was a demon who visits you in your dreams? meaning nightmares and stuff.

    Nice work….

    But I bet the nightmares are a killer. I’ve been there too.

  4. The Celestial Dream Says:

    @ BlackExists

    Yeah he;s been annoying me with frightful dreams. I might even write a book about it if I can remember it all.

    hugs on your nightmares, i feel your pain 😦


  5. FINroD Says:

    hey sorry dint mean anything bad or anything.. was kinda freaked out about tht definition of it.. thts all… im sure u meant the nightmare thingy… i guess we all have demons that haunt us.. =)

  6. The Celestial Dream Says:

    @ FInrod

    No probs man. We have our own nightmares. We just have to deal with ’em right?

  7. realskullzero Says:

    hmmm…guess sometimes the whole life’s a nightmare isnt it??? heh…nice stuff…

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