Once and for all

February 25, 2009

Love me,
Once and for all
Today not tomorrow
Because the day
Is nearing its end
As my breath is loses its luster

Hate me,
Once and for all
Tomorrow not today
Because the night
Is dawning with gleam
My heart has weakened its beat

Remember me
Once and for all
Today and tomorrow
Because days and nights
Will pass by without me by you
My heart will live on in your dreams



February 23, 2009

Cherish me,
My memory
As you
Lash out
In every way
Possibly imaginable,
I’ll cherish
You, when you
Hit upon
The nerve
I quiver
To control,
The very nerve
Thats spurns
The joys
On beholding
Your beauty
The nerve
That pains me
Beyond pain
Through waterfalls
Of emotions
Catapulting me
Into reservations
Of my own hell
In the heart
That cherishes
You and only you
Though you
Pain me
With scorn
And malice
In every wake
I will still
Hold you
More dearer
To my heart
Than ever
But you,
do not see
Me & my love
For you
And you
Pain me
Ardently so
Yet, I cherish you
Only to have
You shun me
To the darkest corner,
Why am I
Not the one?
The one to
Love and cherish!
I know not
But do reminisce
The one
Who cherishes
You the most
As you,
Make way
On your path
Of life alone


February 22, 2009

The cleaver
Cuts me open

The redness
On the floor

Platues me
Down to gloom

Lifeless and low
Gone, forevermore

Trapped, Fleeting and Falling

February 21, 2009

I’m trapped
In an emotion
Pulling me down
Into an abyss
Of dark and cold
I’m fleeting
away into this feeling
Drowning me in thick oil
Enclosing my wings
I long to break free
I’m failling
Further into a black well
I thrash against the surface
Into walls of coldness
As I yearn for your warmth

Longing for Salvation

February 18, 2009

I long to be near you
To savour the scent
Your trail of purity in life

I long to feel the tresses
Run through my finger tips
Your delicateness I treasure

I long to touch the skin
Of smoothness & muscle
Your strength enamours me further

I long to taste you
To flavour your sweetness
Enticing me into a dizzy beyond control

I long for you, you alone,
Your spirit beckons me in the distance
Bringing me to salvation ever nearer

Through & Through

February 17, 2009

Fighting through
The mud and dirt
On a lonesome road to nowhere
I can’t breathe,
I’m suffocating here

Breaking through
The shards of glass
It cuts me to pieces
To watch you fall
But I refuse to give in,
To sink away
While you harness
The cold in your heart
Breaking away in anger
Yet sinking ever deeper
Into the abyss of nothingness
Shooting away
The feeling of resentment
I continue on
To let go, of you,
Of your love, our love
I swallow my pride
Swearing away
To love you another day
Awaiting the heartbreak
I continue on
To love you unconditionally
In every way

Sands of Time

February 16, 2009

Furrowed and dismayed
Looking through the window of time
She glances back on the woes of her heart in sorrow
Morbid and confused
She longs to find peace in her walk
Build sandcastles on the beach each May and the morrow

Cynic and wasted
Her souls lies strewn on the beach
Washed away by waves of a life now narrowed

Awating Cliffs

February 13, 2009

Standing on the edge of a cliff,
With apprehension a mountain high
Looking beyond the warmest sunset
That shadows the etchings in my heart
Waves crash down along jagged rocks below
Beckoning the soul to dance in between
The grooves of never and yet evermore
Plague my soul to take form and leap

Falling into clouds of awating arms while

Counting the minutes turn into seconds turn into hours
Gaze back at life, as impact awaits
Wonder whether it was all worth the wait

Demoness Rage

February 11, 2009

n a world,
Full of culprits & thieves
One looks towards
Death in silence & solace

A grim appears,
within ones reach
Sneers & snarls
The taunts of the wicked lies

The pure evil of vile life
Eery in every corner
Awaits the demoness
To storm the rage of the night

Amongst the Butterflies

February 9, 2009

Lie with me a while
Down by the bed of roses,
Settle down beside me
And remind me of the stars

Wonder me with those eyes,
The palest blue and greenery
Hold me close to the skies
Watch the stars gaze down lightly

Follow my call in silence
I beseech you to be mine
Standing by your side Everes
My heart is lovingly thine

Memoirs of a Child

February 3, 2009

Waiting patiently by an old tree from childhood
The leaves feed me sorrow, with each breeze I silently brood
Awaiting a sly smile and joyous mirth you treasure so dear
When you arrive I shall run to a memory I still hold near

Enduring the years that have gone by in silence
I look upon the heavens to bring my solace
But as I cherish the memories in my heart
I cannot fight the torment, that lies inside so dark

Silently I measure the time that we have lived
Fighting the misery I have solemnly grieved
Forever apart yet so very much eternal in life
I bid you goodbye as the lightning strikes


February 2, 2009

Stab my heart Incubus
I call upon your pain and taunt
The burn I merit the pain it brings,
Mimics the bloody picture you paint
Flirt awhile Incubus,
My heart longs for yours at night
Entice my heartstrings

Keep me close, don’t lose sight

Shelter me in your darkness Incubus,
I will call it home by your side
Caress my hair, in your own evilness
Your demon soldier, I will abide