The Days & Nights

January 27, 2009

The days go by and I remember the nights
The nights of torment, wanting everything that was yours but yet mine
Thawing away the feelings, of an emotion I want not lost
Thawing away the conscience of a sense in present not past

The nights shine through the moonlight glow
The moon flirts with a breaking heart and I want to know
Will this lasting memory live for us as we go on?
Will this undying need be all that we know as time passes on?

The adoration we loved, the life that we lived
Waves from the distance and bids adieu yet we wont let it be
Harnessing my emotions, I long not to let you go
Harnessing this feeling, I know not how to go on without thou

The days, nights shatter away the love we lived
Mimicking the plights of emotions that we cherished through the gist
Will the night ever get colder, until it freezes over and I am blistered?
Will the days ever get warmer until we burn away in cinders?

Tell me this now, today or be lost forever, my love.
Darker days and lighter nights ask me will you make me feel the love once lost?
Will the days be entwined in night, with love entwined with life?
Will we ever become lone and one,and shine towards the skies?


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