Evil Sneers the Cursed

January 9, 2009

Evil sneers me wickedly
So close it breezes in with a chill
Will I respond in gleeful melancholy?
While you spurn me so treacherously
As you bring me pain and sorrow
Your words could not pain me deeper than the marrow
My heart breaks into pieces as you speak the blame
I may never be the person I was, never the same

As you speak, your echo resounds in the breeze
You eyes look into mine with hurtful tease
Hurting me, paining me, killing me in haste
This endless torment leaves me in a teary daze

No, I say I plead you stop,
My heart calls out, but mouth is in a lock
End this endless torture of cruelty and words
I plead in agony with wounds of the cursed.


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