Lost in Time

December 5, 2008

Feel me now, against my skin
You know I have, I’ve wanted this
Can it be, a moment lost in time
When you look deep into my eyes.
Don’t look now, I shed my tears,
Flowing down, I’ve lost my fears
Can it be, the dawn of a new day?
Will you help me slowly find my way?
I thought it was, what you clearly said
Will I let it be true, Will I pretend,
That I don’t feel this way none at all
Can you feel me break free against this wall?
Now I’m lost, and I can’t break through
Have I faced the last day without you
Will I ever be the one hidden for so long
Will I ever smile the way I did all along?
Feel me now, I’m alone once more,
I really did love you to the core
But now we’ve changed, we got to let go
Step by step I will miss you more and more

3 Responses to “Lost in Time”

  1. The Unsilent Says:

    Nice one.. simple and amazing..

    btw.. add my new link to your blogroll.. get with the program chickah!! 😛

  2. TheWhacksteR Says:

    Hey great one! sometimes we do lose ourselves in time and vice versa. its a draining feeling afterward. yet strategly fulfilling eh. i wrote something on a similar note once..check it out


    keep em coming pav

  3. realskullzero Says:

    hmmmm….awesome stuff!! kudos as always!

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