Forgive Me

December 9, 2008

Forgive me, my love is overwhelmed with pain
It’s done, its gone it wont’s see me again
Forgive me I cannot undo this hurt and hide
Its too deep, but it wont sink and abide
Forgive me, this heart’s broken and gone
It cannot mend the mishaps done
Forgive me, for my soul is dead and placid
It wont come alive, no rebirth for what’s dead
Forgive me, I cannot see the light
The darkness is darker than any night
Forgive me, for not wanting me the way you want
Its something I must do, believe in it
Forgive me for not prolonging this misery
Its cruel I know, but I cannot live this lie
Forgive me for I know I’ve wronged your flight
All I know is that we must move forward tonight

Lost in Time

December 5, 2008

Feel me now, against my skin
You know I have, I’ve wanted this
Can it be, a moment lost in time
When you look deep into my eyes.
Don’t look now, I shed my tears,
Flowing down, I’ve lost my fears
Can it be, the dawn of a new day?
Will you help me slowly find my way?
I thought it was, what you clearly said
Will I let it be true, Will I pretend,
That I don’t feel this way none at all
Can you feel me break free against this wall?
Now I’m lost, and I can’t break through
Have I faced the last day without you
Will I ever be the one hidden for so long
Will I ever smile the way I did all along?
Feel me now, I’m alone once more,
I really did love you to the core
But now we’ve changed, we got to let go
Step by step I will miss you more and more