The Celestial Dream of Amor

November 7, 2008

The Charismatic Feeling
Of a new born child
Weeping for deliverance
Weeping for love

Celestial Being awake
The resounding sense
Fleeing onto the skies
Fleeing onto the love

Dream a dream so pure
Of nothing but a moment
Stealing memories gone
Stealing memories of love

With this thought I rest
Awake and nothing more
A Celestial Dream of love and sun
Where lovers doth not reconcile amor


2 Responses to “The Celestial Dream of Amor”

  1. DRG Says:

    enthralling …

  2. TheWhacksteR Says:

    Another nice piece of work.. The fantasy of a fleeting moment, an insight into a greater truth and wondernment. At least thats the way i interpreted it 😀 cheers

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