October 24, 2008

Forsake me onto the depths
Of a lover who has no mercy
Feel the pain in my eyes swell
Spurn the agony you long to take away
You say you hold me in your heart
A borrowed heart nothing more
Unleash me from this dire misery

Forsake me onto the night
Let these wounds and scar never see
The day of light or another gaze
Churn the vile words you brought forth
You said you would never hurt me
Amongst the lashes from your fist
Uncaress the heart from my will to live

Forsake me through this fight
A losing battle of wrong not right
Let me die as the last blow forwards
Feign your tears back into its mother
You said you would love me forever
But today you proved your loathe
Untie me from your heart and let me go


2 Responses to “Forsaken”

  1. uhu Says:

    packed with emotion! I like!

  2. Pavithri Says:

    Thank u 😀

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