Quick Sand

October 26, 2008

The murky ache of mud that is creeping up my leg,
With strength it pulls me down in to wish less depth,
If I succumb it would connote my silent death,
Suicide of monstrous society, life and abandoned health,
Inept in all but not the will to let,
Let love and love be mine in a second of every day
So many hearts I do doth carry into the vine of emotion
A vine that has entrapped by heart in blind fury
The very heart that loves all but none so dearly
None who ever gives justice to her love and spares her fray
A love that loves another in love so strongly
A friend, a lover a parent of self but none who know me
As the mud pulls me deeper and I cannot muster the will
As I give in to the loathing of the strength that longs my affection
I remember the memories of a yesteryear gone by
Of a day so much sweeter and yet so bitter
As the mud takes my last willing breathe
Feel my fingers long for the same touch as I felt that day


October 24, 2008

Forsake me onto the depths
Of a lover who has no mercy
Feel the pain in my eyes swell
Spurn the agony you long to take away
You say you hold me in your heart
A borrowed heart nothing more
Unleash me from this dire misery

Forsake me onto the night
Let these wounds and scar never see
The day of light or another gaze
Churn the vile words you brought forth
You said you would never hurt me
Amongst the lashes from your fist
Uncaress the heart from my will to live

Forsake me through this fight
A losing battle of wrong not right
Let me die as the last blow forwards
Feign your tears back into its mother
You said you would love me forever
But today you proved your loathe
Untie me from your heart and let me go

Take Away

October 17, 2008

Take away my life, my breathe, my everything
Take away the happiness reaped throughout the years
Torment the soul of one once so pure
Tear her flesh apart while you satiate your thirst
Take away the feeling, the hurt, and the pain inside
Take away the one thing I once held dear inside
Torture my innermost desires and make it yours
Rape the innocence, feel it bring you mirth
Take away the bright light at the end of tunnel
Take away the escape one must follow
Divulge your hatred to bosom
Realise she is no more but only hollow.


October 14, 2008

The darkness in the tear that eyes let fall
The depth of the blood that bleeds
The poison within the skin
The madness that’s come to be
The reason why there are guns
The forever sadness inside hearts
You’re the snake God made
The scorner of the good
The misfit caused to spurn
The death bring you no solace
Forever will you burn inside


October 5, 2008

Callous slashes on thy arm
Lines of veins beating softly
The sadness is thy eyes
The momentary lapse of thought
I see and feel the earthquake begin
The earth trembles with foreboding
The light of dawn is the darkest
As another day brings madness
The blade lies beside thy fingers
Waiting to be reused
Thy skin bears the tears waiting to flow
The blows of depression fading
Taunting its memory and thy sanity
Longing to be bit again….