Longing for you

August 29, 2008

long to feel his fingers intertwined in mine,
when at a time nothing else matter but his hands in mine.
I want to go back to the time
when my life wasn’t so complicated,
when nothing really mattered,
and when the horizon was bright and endearing.
I feel as if I am been molested and beaten,
maybe I have, I know I have.
I don’t yearn for much,
yet it seems as if the mere thought
is a burden to the Gods
and nothing really makes sense at the end of the day.
I pray, but guilt arise where I have doubts
for a simple request of sanity and peace of mind.
Will I ever be happy, will I ever be understood.
Other than my baby,
who will always be mine,
will others ever reason with their minds and ever consider mine?


4 Responses to “Longing for you”

  1. uhu Says:

    Wow.. liked reading this.. its really cool! I like the way you express yourself through this poem.. its like you use simple ideas but communicate a powerful message..

  2. Pavithri Says:

    thanks!!! 😀 I just write what I’m feeling! 😀 THanks again

  3. Mano Says:

    seems you write a lot of poems… i’m not good at that at all; so well done!

  4. Anonymous Says:


    wow this day everyone is writing. i just from the above blog. crazy but true.

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