Longing for you

August 29, 2008

long to feel his fingers intertwined in mine,
when at a time nothing else matter but his hands in mine.
I want to go back to the time
when my life wasn’t so complicated,
when nothing really mattered,
and when the horizon was bright and endearing.
I feel as if I am been molested and beaten,
maybe I have, I know I have.
I don’t yearn for much,
yet it seems as if the mere thought
is a burden to the Gods
and nothing really makes sense at the end of the day.
I pray, but guilt arise where I have doubts
for a simple request of sanity and peace of mind.
Will I ever be happy, will I ever be understood.
Other than my baby,
who will always be mine,
will others ever reason with their minds and ever consider mine?


Doves of Blood

August 19, 2008

Flitter away the depths of anger
Suffice the power within the restless
Follow the darkened path of bloody poison
Careless mistakes forever the burden of death
Fry the heart into withering shingles
Forfeit pride to the nigh end
Shackles will not keep the guilt
Fly across eyes of contempt
Burn the loss of life into flaming carcasses
Dry the bloody tears of regret

curses curses

August 12, 2008

a curse be born into the world,
everything it touches turns to rock,
every flower wilts with every touch,
curse with the power of the devil,
let it die within the core

ensure the darkness never to flow
imprison the demons inside
cast ever shadow with no light
never to be looked upon
let it be born another


August 12, 2008

cursed bud,
cursed bloom,
cursed flower

a flower, cursed beyond repair
lurks from the distance
awakened by bright light
tingled by the warmth

cursed flower
cursed touch
cursed life

dance along the leaves that flirt
tease the ground
let go of thy roots
rest upon another


August 10, 2008

Just KILL me!
I know you want to
Just pierce my heart
with your sharp nails
and take my blood, make a soup
find a way to pay your debts
make the life
you lived forgive
for the lives you took
away with your greed
selfish hands you grab
everything you wish
yours for the taking
my life another pawn
hear my cry
as you pierce my skin
as you tear apart my flesh
as you hear my bones break
plunge your fist into my chest
grab my pulsating heart
tear it apart bit by bit
bite into the beating
drink your thirst dry
feel yourself satisfy the hunger
Are you satisfied?