Fate Oh Fate

May 12, 2008

Fate Oh Fate
How do thy defy me?
In every corner, why do thy spite me?
Every luck turns to bad upon my gaze,
What has the good Lord planned?

2 Responses to “Fate Oh Fate”

  1. Sachintha Says:

    Thou lonely soul,
    I do not defy you, neither do I spite.
    Luck, good or bad,
    Is just what comes your way…
    Decide to see it as good,
    It becomes good.
    Decide otherwise,
    You shall get thus.
    Do not blame the good Lord,
    For I do not plan,
    But present the ways.
    It is upon you,
    To [i]chose[/i] your fate…

  2. Sachintha Says:

    Oh, that HTML tag doesn’t seem to work… too bad…

    I decided to follwo your blog… love poetry, though don’t write much…


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