Life as it is

May 23, 2008

gentle as a morning breeze
you live life like no one else does
the way you want the way is right
you understand me in the blink of an eye
the way you have always done
undeniably lovable forever in the sun
the meddles of a devil
see through such stronghold
see beyond the masks of face
hold my hand like always done
kiss away the pain befallen on earth
drench the fires that burn me harsh
nurse the wounds that hurt too deep
cure this sickness that sickens me so
forgive the mistakes of lost souls
walk awhile hand in hand with no sorrow
free the doves and set on a journey tomorrow

The Milky Way

May 23, 2008

Star Light Star Bright
Twinkle from you far away sight
Wink me dreams to keep me alive
Feed me music with all your might
I know what distance means
Teach me what you know so deep
Distance me from dark holes in life
Free me from the borrows of doom
Lend me a hand to see tomorrow soon

Fate Oh Fate

May 12, 2008

Fate Oh Fate
How do thy defy me?
In every corner, why do thy spite me?
Every luck turns to bad upon my gaze,
What has the good Lord planned?

Demon Slave

May 12, 2008

Feign power in every step
Lie awake through every fret
Look high and low
For beauty not soul
Die along the dust and coal
Feel the vultures feed on flesh
Flesh once part of thy chest
Thy heart longer now ticks
For to demons does it posess

Globe Trekker

May 12, 2008

Catapult into the unknown,
The desires & fancies of your own
Never known to see the depth
Of ones heart above the rest
Live thy beat upon thy chest
Rest not while they do nest
Carry upon the burden heavy
Feel thy brows concern with worry
Shy thy tears away
Cry not says thy say
Be the best always and more
Search thy purpose across the globe

Hidden by a flower,
Resting on her cheek.
Her lips slowly trembles,
As she takes a sharp breath in.
Unknowingly does she sigh away her sadness,
Forever to lurk in the darkness,
Not be spoken ever again.

Kiss away the sadness,
Wish away the darkness,
Fears of wolves in the night
The dark has caused a fright

Hidden by her gentle lashes,
Does her eyes awake.
Letting fall a single tear,
To shake your world my dear,
Trickling down her nose and lips,
Falling onto your hands,
To catch and fold away.

Wish away the thoughts so dark,
Miss them not in every lark,
Wish on stars in every corner
Let your free mind wonder