The Lost Jive

April 27, 2008

Dazed by confusion
Astounded by the words
My heart feels the aches of the unspoken
Tormented by the thought
Of the workings of a soul,
An angel, the light in an eclipse
Forgive the past and the mistakes
The lost princess has lost her way
She knows not how to pretend
Hold her and lead her away
Bring the dance floor to her folly
Dance with her with all your might
Lead the way oh might dragon
She’ll follow your jive all night

Memoirs of a Flower

April 26, 2008

Looking at the memories of yesteryear
Feel the presence of those who are dear
Knowing not what has become of the times
When butterflies beamingly fluttered by
Flowers danced across the fields
Bidding the dandelions to roar louder
Dear Sunflowers to smile harder
Flirting with the bees that buzz by
Dance with the breeze and leaves
Flutter away little butterfly
Dance your little song,
Buzz away little bee
Nectar awaits your call


April 18, 2008

On the border of a sinful life
Like a bright ray of light
Through the darkest storm
The saviours of my life
Shine through bright
Saints to my religion
Friends to my soul
Sisters in every right
Embrace the love
As one alike
No matter the hardship
No matter the sorrow
For them I shall stand
Walk another day
Chin up, steady and proud
To conquer the world
Shoulder to shoulder
No matter whom they are
No matter what the past states
Forever together we walk


April 18, 2008

Troubles and misery
Torments my heart
While the rays of light
Scatter across the skies
Dreams and nightmares
Scare me through the dark skies
Sweat drenched and afraid
Withering and shivering
In a corner
Scared and alone
With nowhere to run
Trapped within a mind
Filled with darkness of a life
Broken and tormented
I shall struggle on

The Devil’s Mask

April 18, 2008

Blazing in the burrows of my heart
Waiting for a sign you aren’t
The monster you have become
Giving into the desires of Satan
Feasting on innocence all around
What have you become?
The shadow of a taker
The emblem of a snatcher,
Feasting your eyes on your prey
Patronize them to their fall
Feed upon their sorrow and loss
Lick the wounds with your red spoke
Touch what is not yours
Give what they ask not
Who have you become?
Dear brother of not long ago
I recognize your face not,
I see the glimmer of evil
Where is my friend, the joker?
Who I longed to converse
Is he hidden within you?
Has he stepped out of his mask?
Is this what you really are?
Was our friendship a façade?
Wasn’t it pure and true?
I long to know what has become of him
Will you put aside your darkness?
Be a Hermes to a soul, Oh Devil!
Tell him there is love
Tell him there is hope
Look within your broken torn heart
Mend it with the hope of forgiveness
Of those you hurt with Satan on your shoulder!

The Town Gazebo

April 12, 2008

Nothing and everything
Feel the likes of them awaken
Does the night seem longer?
Does the day seem brighter?
When nothing is everything
And happiness and sadness are one…
Feel the dilly dallying of the children
Stirring up the laughter of the yonder
Enthralling the joy and mirth
Causing the murky haze to hang its head in shame
Little darlings follow the rainbow
Not the darkness across the plains. . .
Comes sweet little angels
Dance around the town gazebo
Make your merriment mine
A tinge of Hop scotch and charades
Let the days sing “Sweetheart, be mine”

Memory Lane

April 12, 2008

Startled by the sweet nothings,
A soul far across the meadow stirs.
Carried by the winds of the morning,
The depths of memory lane does it merge.
Walking across the yonder,
Feel the presence stir.
Leaves fall at my feet,
Crunching across my wake…
Mellow and silent,
The wind wills to be.
Leaves leave behind,
Memoirs of you and me…
As night draws nearer,
The owls call and warn me.
Bid thy time another way,
Awake another day.
Feelings stir and yet do not muster,
Across the yonder I shall flee.
Mellow and tainted,
Memory lane shall be.