December 15, 2007

Broken into shards of glass
The mirrors glisten in thousands
Bleeding on the floor
Weeping from the pain
The notion of looming darkness
Light failing through the tears
Crawling towards the door
Feel the pain in my knees
Can u help me through this
Do you think I will get through
Will I die before I get there
Will the evil succumb?
Will I be carried away…
Will I see your smiling face
When the heavens take me
Will u see me in every corner
Will u remember to smile
Will you remember the memories
Will be remember the dreams
Will you give your heart and souls
To being the best you are
Or will you fade into the darkness
Like the death that’s seeping over…
Fight it don’t lose the battle
Fight your way through the winds
Don’t let go so easily
Fight fight fight
Fight for what is yours
Don’t let the demons possess your soul
Feel the angel within you fly
Don’t forget to be mine…



December 15, 2007

The Last chapter of a book,
The notion of the closing,
The notion of the foreboding…

The sunset to a day,
The long walks on the beach,
The first glimpse of the night…

The dead end of a road,
The panic of no where to go,
The lasting feeling of darkness….

The last piece of pie at dinner,
The satisfaction of the hunger,
The smile that brings wonders….

The ray of light from an eclipse,
The darkness enfolding us within,
The power to change the skies…

The last goodbye,
The minutes i pass,
The way my last breathe lasts…

Seeping insanity

December 15, 2007

Cant you leave me alone
Don’t tel me what I am..
I know perfectly what I’m looking at
Broken mirrors curses and all that!

Don’t waste your breathe
Just move on, I’m walking
I feel no need to tel you
That this is really me talking

So why don’t u just leave me alone
And let me grow they way I want
Cos I don’t understand why you are so damn pissed off
Do u know the meaning of the word love
Cos right about now I feel no worth to it at all..
When are you gonna see that I will never be …
The person you made me out to be

I’m not what you want me to be
I’ll never be what you think of me!!!
Cos I ain’t gonna be squeaky clean
never gonna be the bright ass kid
Never gonna pray day after day!
My sins deal at the devils gate
Do you wanna see the havoc running through the streets
I guess you really wanna piece of me!

Did you think that I’d be what u wanted me to be
Did you think I’d be your soldier
Dyou really think you could break me
Hell no I wont be there to see ya!

No need for name calling
your kid is just growing
ever heard of listening
to there voices of thought
did u ever stop to wonder what i know

don’t look back now, you might fall over
cos know your guilt will draw your fever
wen the sunset comes and theres not tomorrow in my eyes
you will know the reason for my existence and my time
i will never, shall never and can never be yours but mine
can u just get on with your freaking life

SIx Feet Under

December 5, 2007

The walls around me
Scratching all around
The dust and the rubble
Suffocating my air

Hear the voices of passersby
Do they not know I’m dying?
Do they not recognize the daughter?
Lying six feet under

Rescue me from the soil
That feeds upon my flesh and bones
Take me back into your arms
Never let go of my hand

Realization hits with each second
For I am no longer alive
Never to walk the earth again
Till my next life is found


December 5, 2007

Feel the rumble taking over
Feel the hunger that it’s caused
Feed upon the fruits off winter
For there are none but one

Feel the moment of satisfaction
Beyond the depths of trench

Hear the voices up and around
Hear the sarcasm and mirth
Feed upon the sorrow of another
Carry you over the sands

Feel the pain in which I reside
For I know not how I know

Be the person that you are
Be the one you were meant to be
Feed upon thy knowledge sweet one
For you my greatest joy


December 5, 2007

A burning sensation
Shoots deep into my soul
The pain of the lighting
Streaks my mind
The weight of a giant
Falls upon my head
I feel the cracks
Open up again
A dying moment
With the thought of you
Will be the memory
I posses when I go
For the pain within my mind
Is merely what resides
When of thoughts too much
So gently do I rub
My temples in circles
“Go away” I say
For I don’t long to be with you
Leave be gone
Forever from my mind,
Headaches are the cause
Of this unwind