November 29, 2007

Secrets may be the downfall of all humanity
The destruction of the world
The fallen man the fallen heart
Secrets can hurt the most
When pierced into your heart
Can succumb you to the depth of a trench
Never looking back
NO secret shall torment me
No hurt will be caused
As secrets are the ghost of yesteryear
Today is the time to be yourself
Do not dwell in the past
Find the strength to face the future
Secrets are secrets and secrets will they be
For no one shall no them but you and me
Never fight the light that brings the joy in knowing
You are the one!

The Silver Stream

November 25, 2007

The shallows lines of a silver stream
Sparkling in the sun like diamonds with glee
I long to swim in to the ocean on your back
Carry me to a place where I can forgot your lack
Where you hold my hand and speak my name
Where the birds and flowers dance across the land
Carry me to a place where I know not the word
The word which knows the tears of my soul
Carry me not to the hell that I know
Where you are not near me and I am not near you
Carry me far far away where we can sign songs
Under the setting sun where peace befalls the earth
Where the sound of your voice carries me through the clouds
Where the word ‘apart’ no longer stand
Where you and I are one and thus we shall no longer be
What mighty fate has distanced us to be?
And together we shall roam the earth and see
For you and I will forever be free