Wind and Rain

October 2, 2007

The rain is pouring down my face
The wind is trying to blow me away
Catch my hand, hold it tight,
Feel the weight lift me high…
Now I’m flying with the wind…
Carrying me away from you…
I’m souring through the clouds
Higher than ever been before..
See me falling down through the rain
Through the walls I’ve found
Wash away my sorrow and my pain
Let’s find a new tomorrow
A tomorrow where we can forget
The pain and hurt that resides
In our souls combined
The wind and rain, be my fire
The fire that burns within
Follows the edges of the earth
and fall through my way
Find the core to my existence
know the life I’ve lived
BE the one I could go to
Be the one I can!
The wind and rain be the reason
I long to be alive
When you lift me high and fall down fast
Know that you’re the desire I’ll ever need
To know who I am
I am the wind and rain
Stronger than the mighty earth can stand
I long to be with my true love
The true love I’ve ever loved in life
Your the reason I’ve looked so far
To find you have never left
You’re the one I’ve wanted
Like the wind and rain!